Aloha and welcome to Pele’s Glass Creations.  (Please keep checking back, as we re-build the website, we are almost there!  :-) Sorry for the delay.

Pele’s Glass Creations are all unique, one of a kind, fused stained glass lava explosions.  All created by artist Philip Tigner, in a off grid studio in lower Puna, Pahoa, Hawaii.  Being inspired by Madam Pele, the fire goddess of Hawaii Island, the lava and Pele, are a daily reminder of her creations, beauty, power and inspiration.  I hope you enjoy browsing my web site, and following along in our blog section, as Pele continues to create or re-create, the Big Island Of Hawaii and those who live and visit here!!                                                                                                                                                       side 5x6 candle ocean 2 8x10 ocean 2        5x6 puu 4 davids 2